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Footwear Collection

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Footwear Collection

The Sombrio FOOTWEAR Collection improves on three essential elements of bike shoe design: traction, durability & dexterity. We did a lot of homework to make sure we created a range of footwear that we feel are better than anything else currently available.

Our innovative FS COMPOUND, FlyerSol, which was developed specifically for Sombrio, is a high friction rubber that conforms to a rider’s platforms for a truly unmatched feel – you can feel the shoes glueing to the pedals the more you ride them. The tread pattern features our LOGO LUG design that actually hooks onto pedal pins for superior traction. The S-FOIL of the sole and sidewall creates unmatched dexterity & durability due to its advanced and lightweight construction.

These are tires for your feet.

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